Month End Checklist?

LENT is coming - and it's easy to look forward to what we have to do next - rushing to the next "urgent" thing at the expense of the "important" sometimes... Take five minutes, pray and discern about some of these questions as you look forward to where your time will go in March/Lent.

  1. Who is/are a CORE member(s) I should approach and give more opportunities to lead/develop? Who is that potential person I keep planning to invite, but keep putting off?
  2. Who are some teens &/or families I should follow up with personally to check in, maybe spend time with? Always the easiest thing to put off, yet pays off more dividends where it really counts….
  3. Have I updated my ministry numbers tracking sheet to get a pulse of attendance trends? Time to have an honest look at the fruits….
  4. Have I submitted expenses, payments, invoices and updated where I am in the ministry budget? Keep everything organized & show administrative competency….
  5. Which phone messages have I put off returning – they aren’t going to go away on their own
  6. Have I made 15 minutes of time to be present before the Blessed Sacrament at all this month?

Praying for you all, and so thankful to Jesus for calling each of you to this ministry!

About the Author, John MacMullen is the Associate Director of Youth Ministry at the OCY and can be reached at 416-599-7676