Useful Links


Hopestone is a GTA-based Catholic formation group that facilitates a variety of retreats and programs.


Online resource for Catholic youth ministers. Includes free blogs and some resources. Registered members have access to high school Life Teen and/or elementary school EDGE catechetical, social, and issue-based resources and training assistance to name a few. Subscriptions available from a variety of price ranges. It is worthwhile to investigate what those costs actually cover and provide.

catholic youthwork

A very detailed website, again focusing on Catholic blogs, articles, utilizing videos with downloadable resources and links. A good site that can take you all over the place!

Outside da Box Ministries

Outside da box ministries is devoted to putting on relevant and practical videos for use in various Catholic Youth ministry environments - some are deep, thoughtful and reflective while others are just plain funny! Perfect range for various age groups in youth ministry.

Busted Halo

A great website full of lots of information for the spiritual seeker that is rooted in Catholic answers.

Rebuild My Church was born out of a series of conversations at 2010 NCCYM. These conversations focused around a number of topics, but the key themes were the state of youth ministry in parishes, the conversations that needed to happen to help our field grow, and how great it would be to have a TED style event focused on Catholic youth ministry.

Catholic Atheletes for Christ

A website geared to knowing and hearing the testimonies of professional and highly successful athletes who never wavered in continuing to live their Catholic faith on a daily basis.